Graduation Day

Made it to Boston with the heat wave on Thursday morning and got ourselves situated in a slip at Waterboat Marina – right on Long Wharf in downtown  Boston. Now we’re living!

Dressed the boat in her finery to accept Abigail and her friends for a pre-graduation party aboard Toodle-oo! Friday I watched as Abby graduated – very proud – well done Abs!

Abby party 2


Abby Party 1


2 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Peter Sexton


    If you are a proud dad how about telling us where your daughter graduated from and in what field?

    I am watching your progress and wishing you Godspeed.

    Best regards,


  2. admin Post author


    Dad was so ecstatic and so proud that he couldn’t even contain himself on the computer long enough to mention I graduated from UMass Boston with an international management degree. The bugger sometimes has a poor habit of forgetting the small things!



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