Monthly Archives: November 2014

Land Lubbers

So, we’re getting back into the swing of things – back as land lubbers.

We located an apartment on the East Side of Providence (trendy spot) – it’s super and our landlord/lady are dears – Jim and Linda. Linda’s something of a Yoga guru, Jim’s an ex magazine editor/owner. The apartment is a ground floor affair with a couple of bedrooms (so give us a call if you want to visit) – and it has a fireplace! Jim keeps filling our bucket with wood to burn to boot!

I’ve been back at work at Checon for nearly a month now, Laurie is back with Citizens and starts her second week on Monday. For my part, I’m settling into the role – basically to prop up sales and profit for Checon in any way possible. It’s a nicely open position to work from and looks like it’ll be an interesting challenge. As I write this I’m on my way to Europe again – to chat with customers that have operations in South America where we’re concentrating some efforts.

Toodle-oo! is in Portsmouth RI, at Pirate Cove Marina – the marina we left from in 2013. She’s in good shape but need some attention particularly within the electronics area. Next year we’ll move her to our old haunt of Mattapoisett – to gain easy access to the islands (Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Islands) – and enjoy the social opportunities at Mattapoisett Yacht Club.

We’re hoping to see some of our new friends we met in the last couple of years as they cruise the East Coast of America. Just to help things along we’ll be hosting an OCC rally in June/July – for a couple of weeks – to visit the islands off the south coast of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. If you’ve got a boat and can make it, please join us!!

Life is good – can’t wait for the summer sailing season to begin!


More later on winter projects for Toodle-oo!