Åland Islands

Our “Spot” device seems to be acting up – so (if you were looking) you probably wondered where we were… We’re now in Finland – district of Åland comprised of some 6,500 islands and skerries.

We arrived last night at 10:00pm after a boisterous sail of some 32½ hours – sailing the whole way close hauled and therefore heeled over like crazy – which Laurie didn’t appreciate too much! Wind varied a lot – from about 10 knots to nearly 30 and we had seas that were almost flat and seas running close to 8 feet – and steep! We actually motor sailed the last 8 or 9 miles – just to make sure we got in during daylight – but need not have worried – we could have read a book in the cockpit at midnight!

We anchored in a small cove – after first hitting the bottom (just to test our nerves) and will stay here today recovering, relaxing and fixing various bits on the boat – in fantastic weather surrounded by countless islands.

We have arrived!


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