On Our Way

We’re off in the morning on the next 6 month leg of our cruise…

The last week has seen us commission the boat in Whitehaven, Cumbria – Northern England. The boat was filthy – and still is not as clean as we’d like – but she’ll get us out. Weather has been up and down – mostly down – slowing our preparations a couple of days – but finally we’re ready.

The tide turns a little before 3:00am – which means we have to be out of here by 7:30 to ensure plenty of water beneath the keel. We’re heading north – to Scotland – and the wind is set favorable (unfortunately not the rain…) for the next couple of days – after which we’d have been battling headwinds. Winds from the south make our first planned anchorage rather untenable however – so our first sail of the season will be out into the bleak Irish Sea, right across to Ireland – with planned anchorage of Larne in Northern Ireland, some 75 – 80 miles as the crow flies. Bailout anchorages will be Peel (Isle of Mann), Bangor, Northern Ireland, or West Tarbet Bay – our first planned anchorage.

Tuesday looks to have favorable winds to take us north – hopefully to Port Ellen on Islay – where we plan to introduce Laurie to the merits of the finest Scotch available!

We’ll post updates as often as possible – plus with any luck I’ve found someone that will be able to fix my Google-Maps insert so you’ll be able to see where we are. We’ll also be activating the Spot – (today) – so the “Where we Are” tab should link to the Spot website…

All well aboard Toodle-oo! – Love to all!



4 thoughts on “On Our Way

    1. admin Post author

      Good to hear from you guys! No offence – but hope not to see you in Peel – but nice to know there’d be friendly faces about!!

      1. John and Val Galpin

        We’ll keep an eye out for you and hope you sail by.

        Enjoy your Scottish sailing, The Sound of Jura overlooking the Paps is so beautiful. Tobermory is a must see, Mull is a real treat, but the whole of the West coast is wonderful.



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