It’s Real

Well it’s certainly feeling real now that I’m on to vastly reduced hours at work (I go in one day a week and I manage emails for the rest of the week – so working 2+ days per week it looks like). The list of things to get done before we head off to Europe is now being tackled – up until now it was just a list that seemed to grow but never diminish… It’s not a daunting list fortunately – so should allow us to ease into the cruising lifestyle easily. Laurie has 1 1/2 more days to go before she’s unemployed – I think Friday might be a challenge!

This morning I was sitting planning what to do when a Snowy Egret showed up outside to fish and I was able to watch him fish – rather than hurry off to work. For the rest of the morning, after answering a few emails, I set to on replacing the toilet and all the hoses leading to the holding tank. All done with minimal comedic interludes and so hopefully now we have a┬ádiscernibly┬áless ‘heady’ smell to the place.

Next job is to head off and get some wood for a fender board – or perhaps I’ll tackle the Preventer set-up – or maybe I’ll service the outboard. The beauty of cruising – put it in whatever order you like – it’ll all get done sometime…


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