Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We sailed and motored from Jolly Harbor to Falmouth. Nice sail until we headed east along the south coast and got blasted with 25 knot winds right on the nose and 8 ft swells! But we made it in to find a bunch of friends – hence the Wine Mopping Up post…

Falmouth and English Harbours are next to each other and are perfect refuges in heavy weather. Their strategic importance was recognized early and Nelson was stationed here – and gives his name to the dockyard in English Harbour – now home to mostly super yachts!

We had a lovely walk between the two harbours – ending in a wonderful view of both. I hope the panorama posts well – unfortunately I had to dumb down the resolution to get it to post… If you click on it, hopefully it will get bigger!

Falmouth on the left, English Harbour on the right.

Falmouth on the left, English Harbour on the right.

We’re back into the land of fixing stuff – the radar (less than 12 moths old) packed in on the way to Antigua, so it’s hopefully going to be replaced by a refurbished one in the near future – and, even more hopefully; before we leave Antigua! Radar isn’t completely necessary down here – though it is good for spotting squalls well before they hit you when travelling between islands.

And… The head’s acting up again – seems to be a periodic hassle that everyone deals with. Unfortunately, our on board rebuild kit appears to be a collection of old and used components, so I can’t rebuild it until a new kit is brought to us by our good friends Jane and Mike who will join us here in just a couple of weeks.

Then there’s washing to do…

The new washing machine!

The new washing machine!

Still, all is well in paradise – we could be sitting in Providence in the cold, watching amazed as America confirms the strangest president ever!

Cheers to all!

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