Red Brook Harbor

July 18

We had visitors aboard for a day! Nancy Tripp, who we’d bumped into at Cuttyhunk the previous weekend was joined by Laurie’s workmate, Nancy Henry, along with colleague Steve Carter and his wife Simi.

With a brisk south wind forecast for the day and possible rain showers, we decided to head for Red Brook Harbor on the west coast of Cape Cod. If the rain comes, we’d have a short bailout of the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion. Fortunately, the rain held off and with Steve mostly at the helm and with reefed main and small jib, we made great speed – 7 – 8 knots – and great time to Red Brook where we were able to hang on a mooring for lunch.

Nancy T had brought along a fruit basket, Simi some cheese and my favorite (Mc Vitties) buiscuits and Nancy H brought the brownies! How could we go wrong with that lot coupled to beer and wine!

The ride back was a little bumpier heading into the wind, but with only a couple of tacks we made it back in good time to enjoy another beverage (or a cup of tea)!

Nancy T., Simi, Bill, Nancy H., Laurie and Steve

Nancy T., Simi, Bill, Nancy H., Laurie and Steve

On Sunday, there was no wind! It was hot and very humid, so after a couple of boat chores, we bailed and headed for the apartment – at least it would be a little less damp there!


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