Cold and Snowy Winter!

It’s been a lousy winter in New England – with very cold weather and loads of snow. Not easy to even get on the boat – since the ice on the ground prevents a safe platform for a ladder! Once on, it’s impossible to get it warm!

Consequently we’re way behind with winter maintenance – though I have succeeded in rebuilding the Monitor Windvane – lots and lots of little bits!!! Not sure if we’ll mount it this year or not – it certainly is nicer to sail around with an unobstructed clean swim platform!

I hope I have a fix in place for the two Genoa cars – they were making really nasty noises at the end of last year when the sheets were heavily loaded… I’m hoping this was caused due to some wear in the large diameter sheaves – which we’ve had remade… If not, it looks like we’ll be buying two new units at aver $700 a piece! L

The Anchor Windlass motors are out and disassembled. Unfortunately, one was beyond repair, so I now have on order spare parts for one, along with a brand new one. We definitely want a spare for this most important system!

I’ve also managed to pry off the cover to the companionway – it was loaded up with caulk – and found that it was a job worth doing as a part was broken off.

Meanwhile, the batteries seem to be coping adequately, though it looks like the starting battery may need replacement. We’re also planning to replace the Inverter’s remote panel – which will allow us to finally understand how the batteries are behaving – to a degree at least!


2015 will see us remaining very local to this area – we’re organizing a 2 week cruise (details here) for the OCC from Long Island to Martha’s Vineyard and then back to Bristol – so there goes most of our vacation. OCC dignitaries Tony and Rachelle are going to be joining us for the cruise which will greatly enhance the enjoyment – and probably the booze intake too! The rest of the year we plan to get out on extended weekends to visit the islands close about.

This year it looks like we’re going to opt for a mooring at Mattapoisett – where we kept our old boat. It’s a cute little village with not a lot going on, but a very active sailing fraternity – and home to Mattapoisett Yacht Club. The only trouble with this place is that there is no protection in storms coming from the south – so if there’s a big storm or hurricane, we’ll be forced to flee or get hauled. Our other option is New Bedford, behind the hurricane barrier – but it’s hardly a charming place to sit in the cockpit sipping G&T’s or Caipirinhas!

I’m hoping that by the time I get back from India in the middle of March, the weather will have improved some and we’ll be able to get on with some of the work load. The summer will be here before we know it!

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