Who Are They?

We are Bill and Laurie Balme. I’m 55, she isn’t!

An Engineer by education, I moved straight into a sales role within the Precious Metals industry in England and have never looked back. I moved to America with my first wife (an American) and took up a similar role to the one I had at Johnson Matthey, but now was earning three times as much in a country where the cost of living was about a third.

Shortly after our daughter was born, we ended up moving back to the UK with tail between legs, but only for a short time as I had grown very accustomed to American business methods… We came back in 1994 when I joined Checon Corporation – where I have been ever since.

My first marriage ended – out of boredom probably – but I quickly found Laurie and we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary.

I’ve enjoyed many hobbies – from Photography (which I’m looking forward to returning to), competitive radio controlled airplane flying, bicycle racing, woodworking and now sailing.

I became an American in 2011 – but never fear, maintain the British Passport also!


4 thoughts on “Who Are They?

  1. Michelle Drolet

    Hi Laurie and Bill, Hope you are doing well and sorry I could not make your party on the 18th. Lizz gave me your information so Zachary (our oldest) and keep track of your adventures. At 12 years old he is TOTALLY into boats, adventures, and history. This will be a great summer activity for Zachary.
    Again Laurie thanks for everything and I really enjoyed working for and with you. See you in November and cannot wait to read your blog and see “where you are”.
    Enjoy your trip and be safe.

  2. Richard Daniels

    Hello Bill and Laurie,
    My partner Kim and I chatted with you briefly as you were moored at the locks (Neptune’s Staircase). Your adventures sound marvelous. Best wishes and safe sailing. I’ll be eager to spend time looking at your blog when I get stateside.
    BTW, I do administrative stuff for the Office of Admissions at the University of Oregon. Kim is a retired attorney.

    Richard Daniels
    Eugene OR

  3. Geoff Rendall

    Bill & Laurie –
    It was nice to meet you both on the Mattapoisett Boat Yard launch this evening. Now that I’ve read your blog and know way more about you than you do about Renee & I please accept our toast to your spirit of adventure and sailing accomplishments! We look forward to tracking you down this summer and laughing at anything funny. Your blog is inspiring and we look forward to a friendship.
    Best Wishes
    Geoff & Renee


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