Track our AIS Signal

Our Spot has not been working well – but we have another – better method of tracking where we are – using Toodle-oo!’s AIS signal.

Go to    This will ask you to establish an account – you can get a free one without any problem – though it may be possible to just go in without an account. The benefit of an account is that you can establish your fleet – and thereby track any vessel that has an AIS signal.

Go into your Account Profile and establish a fleet – you can add Toodle-oo (no !) and it should find us as I believe we are the only Toodle-oo around. If not, you may have to specify where we are. You can chose to view us on the map – and it’ll tell you exactly where we are and what speed we’re doing…

Please someone let me know if I’ve given enough information here to set it up properly (since I have an account already, it’s not easy to work out how to set up the system again…


Toodle-oo! is currently in Mariehamn, Aland – and heading out tomorrow (Thursday) morning.


One thought on “Track our AIS Signal

  1. Dave and Doreen works great – no need to open an account. By the looks of if this morning (Cape Cod time) you are undesail and heading NNW toward Sweden. Enjoy.


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