So, how goes it?

Preparations have been hectic – hence the lack of information recently… Sorry…

Planned departure is on Saturday, destination Cuttyhunk for the weekend – but the weather looks lousy – wet and windy. (You’d have thought we want wind – but honestly, it’d be really nice to have just a little wind to see us off, not a bloody gale!)

With only a couple of days left, we’re down to last minute stuff – like do we need new batteries (and will the electrical expert actually arrive here)? Will the new cockpit enclosure get here before we leave? Where does the tandem fit? Do we have enough food? Money? etc. Oh yes – shall we put the Monitor wind-vane self steering gear back on?

Sorry, but I have to cut this short – the list isn’t getting shorter as I type… (!)


2 thoughts on “So, how goes it?

  1. Mike Thorpe

    I can’t imagine why you are even thinking of leaving the Monitor behind. Seriously, you don’t want to be hand steering for days if the autopilot fails and believe me it will (did I ever hate that autopilot).

    Hope all goes well for your crossing.

    1. admin Post author


      Just a figure of speech – never thought about leaving the monitor behind – it was just getting a little hectic there thinking about all the stuff to do! Now that we’ve had a couple of days delay, we’re caught up, monitor is installed with new lines and looking forward to a gentle sail up to Boston before the crossing.

      Keep your fingers crossed for us!




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