Fed Up!

We’re convinced that Capitalism – or perhaps commercialism – or perhaps plain greed – is screwing with the British people… Last night we tried to enjoy our cockpit, eating cheeses that we both like – Laurie a Cranberry Wensleydale and me a Stilton…

Both were purchased at Tescos – the British equivalent of Stop and Shop – and both were absolute crap. Both were dry and boring and we both ended up throwing our cheese overboard – at not insignificant cost.

That got us to thinking about our shopping experience at Tescos in general… Not good. Nearly everything thrust upon us was a Tescos brand – and offering 2 for 1 or some similar deal. You just know it’s all going to be crap and it sure is. We sorely regret not going to Elijah Allen in Hawes, Wensleydale – or the butchers – Cocketts – to get all our fresh produce. So much better. So much more friendly. So less plastic. Maybe not as convenient – but what we ended up with was pure crap.

Sorry Elijah Allen – Sorry Cocketts. Won’t happen again…

On the other hand here we are in Gigha, Scotland – and got to visit their really cool Rhododendron based gardens… check this out!…



One thought on “Fed Up!

  1. John and Val

    Ah, you have found Tescos – guess that is hard cheese!

    In fairness, they do sell themselves as being low cost, never a word about flavour or taste. Generally all supermarkets seem sell cheese way too hard and immature, you need to keep it a month before it’s ripe and ready.

    If you are ever forced to buy cheese in a supermarket, always go to the discounted rack where they display the stuff that is soon to reach its ‘sell by’ date and you might find some of their better cheese just about ready to eat, but you might still like to give it a week or so to ripen.

    At least Ardfern has a nice little store and deli.

    We are soon to depart – slow start this season.

    Hope you find some better cheese but try to find some ‘Scotch Black Bun’ as a treat.

    All the best, galpses.


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