More Family Fun

Great times at the river (Rainby), exploring the ruins of a 2nd century Roman Fort s and then yesterday climbing England’s third tallest ‘Hill’ Helvelyn – remembering camping on top as idiot teenagers with Simon Mardel. We went up via Striding Edge – an arret between two glacial valleys with very steep drop offs on both sides – and with countless kids bouncing from rock to rock while us old geezers held on for dear life!

Swimming and fishing (and avoiding Midges) at Rainby waterfall…

P1010615 P1010623 P1010633 P1010653 P1010656



Hardknot Pass in the Lake District

P1010660 P1010666 P1010673


And climbing Helvelyn

P1010678 P1010684 P1010686 P1010688 P1010689 P1010699 P1010702 P1010704 P1010707 P1010712 P1010722

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