Family Reunion

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Magoo and LaurieMatilda

Sarah and Matilda

It’s been an interesting and boozy reunion with family in Weststonesdale! The excuse for the reunion was sister Kate’s 70th birthday – but she isn’t until October! Even cousin Gill who I haven’t seen in over 30 years was there with her daughter Ellie.

We enjoyed a great concert from the kids, I got a lesson on the Mandolin from Cassandra – who had it mastered in under 5 minutes – and we watched our 72 year old sister to a head-stand!!!

Far too much alcohol was consumed so the following day we headed off on a walk to the pub which we took over entirely! (All the people in the photo of us sat outside the pub are Balme relations!)

Now recovering at the boat and being visited on a daily basis by wannabe sailors! All very good fun!

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