Diving for Galvanized

Today we went mostly free-diving for Galvanized Roofing Sheets – there are loads of these sheets strewn around the bottom creating a real anchoring nightmare. In one morning we collected all these pieces – from just a small area of the anchorage.

Diving for Galvanized!

Diving for Galvanized!

Got a bit of a scare when I got my leg tied up in the hauling line just before surfacing – that gets the adrenaline flowing!!

The morning's haul!

The morning’s haul!

Meanwhile, the kitchen counter is ready for pouring…

Ready for the counter-top to be poured...

Ready for the counter-top to be poured…


One thought on “Diving for Galvanized

  1. Chris and Bill Burry

    We are tracking your work in Dominica. Send regards to Bill and Helen on ALEMBIC too. Shared your website with friends who were there last year and know Albert and his son Avin.

    Keep up the good work and keep posting pictures.

    Chris and Bill Burry
    Mathews VA


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