And then it gets better…

Thursday, October 20th  –  Huntingdon, NY

Finally on Wednesday October 19th, 2016 we’re on our way. It’s been a while in the planning but here we go on the voyage of a lifetime!

Just a short first jaunt to Fisher’s Island in Long Island Sound – and unfortunately it was a motoring experience the whole way. Never-the-less, we’re now on our way. We anchored in West Harbor and settled in to watch the ridiculous 3rd debate between Hilary and Donald – with a weak TV signal augmented with the Radio!

Today, we got up at dawn – not that early this time of year – and set off with a fine forecast down Long Island Sound headed for Port Jefferson. With 20+knot winds behind us we were able to make great progress in the right direction and when the tide turned in our favor, we managed to make over 11 knots over ground at times while surfing down a wave! In the end, because we were making such good progress, we decided to change destination and instead headed a little further to Huntingdon on Long Island’s north coast, just 15 miles or so short of Port Washington where we’d be able to hook up with Mike and Jane on Jamin.

Unfortunately, along the way, with winds building and changing direction slightly we had to gibe and reef at the same time. In the process, we managed to rip the luff of the mainsail and break one of the batten attachments… We now had a  fresh item on the to-do list to attend to… We sailed the rest of the way with the main reefed to second reef – not really enough to power Toodle-oo! through the swells – but even so we ended up anchoring in Huntingdon, 71 miles away after only 10 hours of sailing! Not a bad average speed!

Tomorrow we head to Port Washington to meet Jane and Mike – and to enact some sail repairs.

Meanwhile, over the last couple of days we’ve decided a new cruising plan – instead of NY – Bermuda – Bahamas – Cuba – Panama, we’re thinking NY – Hampton – Salty Dawg Rally to BVI’s – Bahamas – Panama… Shame to miss out on Cuba but our insurance company is willing to insure us – but with a theft exclusion. Since Toodle-oo! is our only abode, this isn’t something we’re keen on risking – so unless things change…

Plans laid in sand at low tide…



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