Worser and Worser!

It keeps getting worse…

After finally getting launched after 4 weeks living at the top of a ladder, I noticed that our freshly rejuvenated fridge was icing up at the compressor – is that right??? The folks that recharged the system dutifully came down to let a little out – and then we found that our freezer (complete with about $500 worth of frozen meat in it) was also on the blink…. Cha Ching… at least they we able to come to our aid quickly!

We finally departed from Portsmouth,RI on Tuesday¬†October 18th – ready to start our circumnavigation. First stop? Newport Ri – Hailing port for Toodle-oo! and we had a nice meet with David and Leann on Moonshot, an Amel 53 they’d just purchased (first boat!) and had just completed their maiden sail… Good luck mates – I’m sure you’ll have an absolute blast!

Laurie’s brother Neal and Kathy came around for dinner – Confit de Canard no less – and we had a very jolly evening with them – as something of a final sendoff…


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