We left Baddeck and went back to Maskells Harbor where new friends Frank and Shelley aboard OCC boat Bear Keeper were anchored. Had a very nice evening aboard their boat – the last we’ll see of them for a while as our paths now diverge…

In the morning we left, headed for Ingonish – which is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – but first we had to get out of the Bras d’Or lakes – which turned out to be no mean feat as we got to the narrow end and the current was rushing against us. We had wind against waves – leading to standing waves as we went under the bridge – quite a heart stopper – so we decided we’d put in for some shelter at Kelly’s Cove just before the final narrows out to the Gulf, awaiting favorable tide. Just as we’re coming in to anchor in the cove – which was wide open to the 25knot winds we were in – and therefore to be considered a dangerous lee shore, an engine alarm sounds due to high water temperature! We immediately shut the engine down, pull out a small jib to give us steerage and go right into the cove, turning head to the wind as the depth came up to 25ft. I rushed forward to drop the anchor – which thankfully grabbed hold quickly. We were secure!

I quickly assessed that the engine was short on water – so gave it nearly half a gallon! I can hear Mike Eslinger in my ear right now – you should always check your engine levels every time you start the engine sonny!!!

Anyway, while in our anchorage, getting beaten up by the wind, we found out that the current turns favorable 3 hours after high water – so we waited the couple of hours and then left with much less drama and headed out into the Gulf sailing once again dead down wind but this time with just a jib out, making 6.5 – 7 knots right on course.

We arrived at Ingonish in the early evening and anchored at the bottom of a ski slope. The whole area reminds me of Scotland. Unfortunately we’re challenged with lack of cell service and internet and I’m still unable to get emails and weather files via the SSB. So in the morning we decided to move to a more populated anchorage in the north bay – but the diminutive anchorage was just too small for us to anchor behind the breakwater in any reasonable depth, so we came back across the bay and anchored right under the Keltic Lodge on a rock bottom (tough to get it to set) and clambered up the rip-rap shoreline and found wifi and an excellent hiking trial to get weather files – and some exercise!

We opted to head back to the harbor for safe anchorage – good job as our anchor was set tenuously at best!

We’ll probably head out to Newfoundland tonight for an overnight passage to La Peoil – I don’t expect we’ll have any wifi for the next several weeks therefore…

Pictures below from around Ingonish – click on them to enlarge…

Very Pretty Better from Anchorage From Anchorage Ingonish Beach Middle Head Dramatic Ingonish Middle Head Walk Tough Rocks

2 thoughts on “Ingonish

  1. Dave Rolince

    Been following the blog. Interesting adventures you guys are having. I remember the beauty of Ingonish and the Cape Breton coastline when Doreen and I were there 3 years ago.
    Some news for you on the squash front – the Y took one of the courts and converted it to a martial arts room. The team is giving serious thought to becoming members of the Fall River team this coming season though the Y says they may convert the racquetball balls to squash with a movable wall. We’ll see what happens.
    Anyway, safe journey to Newfie



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