OCC Cruise Concludes

Having enjoyed Boston, we decided to move on to Marblehead. Our timing wasn’t great… The fog was thick – all the way, but fortunately it’s not too far. Marblehead doesn’t encourage anchoring, so we had to take a mooring – and fortunately, we managed to snatch a Corinthian Yacht Club one in the center of the harbor – whereas the other OCC boats got stuck on the outside and had a couple of rolly nights.

Misty Marblehead

Misty Marblehead



Marblehead is a lovely little town and the weather cooperated nicely once we’d arrived. We took advantage of the Corintian’s launch and not have to suffer the last days of the Green Demon! We also took full advantage of their showers and laundry!

Importantly, we managed to fix our dinghy problem with the procurement of a new inflatable – rather smaller than our old one, but it could be powered by our new small outboard. Finally the Green Demon was history and we could start to rebuild our marriage! It’s true – the tension that that bloody thing developed had to be seen to be believed!

The OCC event was a dinner at Maddie’s Sail Loft – a place renowned for large pours! They did a great job for the 30 of us in attendance and it marked a pseudo end of the rally as the Virginian contingent of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club were going to head south from here. Unfortunately Jamin also decided to head south.

OCC Southern New England Cruise - 2016

OCC Southern New England Cruise – 2016

We had a good – if bumpy – sail across to Gloucester – last official destination of the OCC cruise. Unfortunately, we didn’t time this one right either – as Ship’s Cat was clearly wanting to use the head but being slow about it… We left and then the inevitable accident happened – the poor thing was unable to perch on the toilet seat and – well you get the picture… I think the indignation of it all got the better of her and she then decided to throw up too!

One tack saw us sail close to the entrance to Gloucester – and since it was a bit of a cold day, we decided to motor the last couple of miles, following Blue Yonder into the harbor where we anchored right in the heart of the fishing town.

Our final OCC event was another dinner – attended by 13 folks – 4 of whom had driven up from Marblehead.Gloucester Dinner 2





The cruise had been very enjoyable with a great cast of characters, but Laurie and I were ready to take off and start cruising on our schedule…

Let's Go Cruisin'!!

Let’s Go Cruisin’!!

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