WE ARE RETIRED!!! Potter’s Cove

We decided to take it slow on our first non weekend… We got in our new (old) dinghy – a little green thing with a 2.5HP outboard on it. Planning to sell the sailing puffin – just didn’t quite cut it… Wechugged out to Toodle-oo! with a plan to go to Potter’s Cove, just a couple of miles across the bay at the top end of Prudence Island – and we’d be by ourselves, with no reason to get off, so we decided to leave the dinghy on the mooring… We left at 4:30pm.

Nice little sail with no need of engine and we anchored in the busy cove – surrounded by countless power boats and the odd sailboat. We were pretty certain the power boats would leave before dark – which they did, leaving a nice quite spot. It was nice to decompress in the cockpit as the sun went down.

The evening was rather foggy and by morning it was wet (as expected) so before the heavy stuff set in, we decided to high tail it back – arriving at the mooring at 11:30.

The dinghy was there – but no engine! Some bugger had raided the dinghy in the past 20 hours! We’d only owned the thing for 3 days! When we stopped in at the Harbormaster’s office – they said they’d seen the motor on the dinghy at 9:00am that morning – commenting that neither was registered! So someone had filched the thing in less than 3 hours! Bastards!

What a way to start retirement!


One thought on “WE ARE RETIRED!!! Potter’s Cove

  1. Charles Balme

    Hi Bill,

    Our computer crashed and took all our email addresses. Can you send me an email hopefully with addresses for Ann and Kate.

    Your blogs sound like you are entering exciting times. Congtatulations!

    I set off for another trans-Atlantic trip three weeks ago, got halfway down the Hudson to set off from New York City, had a hard, long think and came to the conclusion that I prefer to be home in May and June rather than being bashed around in the middle of The Atlantic on a 35-day crossing. Blue water and I don’t mix any more – so, I have a Contessa for sale. Too bad, but that’s what reaching middle-age has done to me.

    Your plans sound really interesting and I will follow your progress with great envy!

    Do stay in touch.




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