Finally – after 9 months…

Finally we get to sail Toodle-oo! again this weekend. Memorial Day weekend!

Just heading down to Newport to rendezvous with the Tiverton Crowd – Mike and Jane on Jamin, Peter and Diane on Elixir

The Tiverton Crowd!

The Tiverton Crowd!

Ron and Ineke Heyselaar on Lily will also join us – will be interesting to see if they can keep up!

Ron and Ineke

Ron and Ineke

We’ll also have the Ship’s Cat with us – Bella.

Ship's Cat - Bella

Ship’s Cat – Bella

Yes a new addition this year, Bella is one smart pussy and we’re hoping that the past 2 months of potty training won’t desert us… Yes, Bella has been trained to use the toilet – no more litter – however, the boat’s toilet is somewhat smaller than the house toilet, so it’ll be interesting… Check out the link below – for some reason it’s rotated 90 degrees, but you’ll get the jist…


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