On to Corvo

Mike and Jane arrived by plane on Friday and we picked them up in a rental car and toured the island some before returning to the marina in Lajes, then on Saturday we left…

Corvo is a small island lying just north of Flores with 430 inhabitants – looking after 3,000 cows – but there are no facilities there and if the wind is in the wrong direction, the harbor is untenable. There wasn’t any wind to worry about so we motored all the way from Lajes on Flores to Vila Nova on Corvo some 20 miles away, and anchored in 10M of water (yes, we’ve gone metric now that we’re in Europe!)

Our quick stop in Corvo was delightful and we took a lazy taxi ride up to the caldera. Managed to walk some of the distance back – giving opportunity to photograph Toodle-oo! lying at anchor in yet another exotic location! Then we walked back through the older portion of the town with very narrow winding streets – feeling like you’re in everyone’s backyards…

We arrived back at the boat in the afternoon and set off for the main trip – to Graciosa, lying some 150 miles to the east – an overnight sail that we would begin at least with the engine drumming through the night.

(Click on photos to enlarge…)

P1000747 P1000751 P1000754 P1000758 P1000762 P1000769 P1000771 P1000774 P1000780

4 thoughts on “On to Corvo

  1. Dave and Doreen

    Doreen was wondering where all the people are in Corvo – from your pictures the place looks deserted! Probably out tending to the cows!


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