Sailing Season Planning

The season is nearly upon us – time to cast thoughts of broken boats aside and think about sailing…

Around this time of year, a group of us get together to sort out sailing plans for the season. This year was no exception so Mike, Jane, Peter and Diane got together for a really enjoyable evening at Peg’s house (construction site!) and ended with some dates to ponder – at least for the beginning of the season…

Anyone interested in joining us, the more the merrier!

  • May 14                                               Newport with the Squash Team
  • May 28 – 30 (Memorial Day)           Padanaram
  • June 4/5                                              Potter’s Cove
  • June 11/12                                          Open
  • June 18 – 20                                       Essex, CT: SSCA GAM
  • June 24 – July 9                 OCC Cruise
  •                        June 24:               Newport
  •                        June 28:               Oak Bluffs
  •                        June 29th:            Marion
  •                        July 2:                   Provincetown
  •                        July 4:                   Boston
  •                        July 6:                   Marblehead
  •                        July 9:                   Gloucester

That at least gets the season going – nice and early in light of the weather we’ve been having!


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