Flores is a very dramatic volcanic landscape: Several Calderas filled with water and lush vegetation, steep cliffs coming right to the sea, black jagged rocks capable of shedding a wayward boat in an instant. Then there are the little villages spotted around the place with houses painted white and with red slate roofs, so typical of Portugal. There isn’t much going on in the villages – it’s tough to identify what’s a shop and what’s a house – there aren’t many shops! and as an example, yesterday when we rented a car with another couple and ended up for lunch in Santa Cruz, we gave ourselves 90 minutes to discover the town before regrouping to chose the favored restaurant for lunch… 25 minutes later we’d covered the town and only one couple had found the (apparently) only restaurant in the place. Food was good though! I get the feeling that social events are centered much more around community festivals rather than daily socializing that is more common elsewhere. Seems all rather nice.

Monday we did an interesting walk down a steep path to the sea and an area of microclimate where bananas are grown. Quite a challenging walk back in the heat of the day. Yesterday we toured the entire island in the car – and had great views over to Corvo.

Today is a boat maintenance day, Friday our friends Jane and Mike arrive and Saturday we sail for Corvo and then on to Graciosa.

Will try to upload photos when I have a decent internet connection…

(Click on photos to enlarge)

P1000639 P1000640 P1000645 P1000647 P1000651 P1000653 P1000665 P1000673 P1000675 P1000689 P1000690 P1000691 P1000703 P1000706 P1000707 P1000709 P1000710 P1000714 P1000716 P1000718 P1000726 P1000729 P1000735 P1000740


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