Arrived at 3:45am EST (7:45 local).

Anchored behind breakwater – hoping to get into a slip later on. Will update then…


17 thoughts on “Arrived!

  1. lola fallone

    Oh thank God! Congratulations on your exciting trip. Looking forward to hear all about it. Have a wonderful sunny day with the Portuguese folks!


  2. Sandra

    Whew!! I can can exhale! So happy for you guys what an accomplishment . Congrats! Now go enjoy some of that Portuguese wine! Can’t wait to see bestie!

  3. Dan Felizberto


    I’ve been tracking your daily progress (living vicariously through your adventure) and am so delighted that your adventure seems to be going so well. Hopefully, you are even more excited today than when you started out.

    If you get to Sao Miguel, please say hello to my family (4 grandparents from small island-I am probably related to half the population!)

    Fair winds and following seas.

    Dan Felizberto

  4. Leslie O.

    So glad to hear you made it! Hope you having a great time.

    Laurie – you will be so jealous (not), we just finished colleague appreciation week at work! I bet you’re missing work now. Haha

    Congrats on this wonderful achievement! Stay safe.


  5. Steve

    Fantastic, delighted to hear your news. What an adventure. Hope you enjoy relaxing for a short time while you recharge batteries, your’s and toodleoo’s.

    Love, Steve Louise and kids

  6. Lizz

    Congratulations Laurie & Bill, what an accomplishment to celebrate. We have been living vicariously through your adventure! I am happy to hear that you arrived safely.

  7. Paul Thomsen

    Congratulations. Must be exciting to have completed the first leg of your journey! Stay safe….and catch up on your sleep.

  8. Nancy Henry

    Wow! Congratulations!! What an impressive accomplishment…enjoy your time in the Azores. The photo you sent Neuza was just beautiful!


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