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Hi all! I'm the daughter (well Bill's at least). I'm supposed to be in charge of managing their blog with any updates I receive but it seems the old bugger hasn't properly made me an admin so if this works and people are able to see this, click over to my blog The Roaring Twenties for any updates on Toodle-oo!. Cheers!

Toodle-oo! Update

By Abs

Woke up to my first Toodle-oo! update this morning on day 3 of their voyage. 

“Had a rough start to the passage with winds running 25kts and 4-6ft choppy seas. Running with double reefed main and reefed jib and still doing over 8kts. As a result our, our first 24 hour run was 185 miles – 35 miles further than expected!

“Had a close call with a fishing boat at 3am yesterday morning – he wasn’t listening to his VHF. Managed to get his attention when only 100 yards away!

“Wet and queezy but otherwise all good aboard Toodle-oo!”

Stay tuned!